Treatment for TMJ At Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery

If you suffer from TMJ issues, find a refuge in AOFS and our innovative TMJ treatments today!

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the unique paired joint system that allows your lower jaw to move, giving rise to chewing, speaking, and facial animation movements. In cases of TMJ dysfunction, one or both joints can become painful, noisy, and immobile, greatly diminishing a person’s quality of life.

At Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, our surgeons are trained in cutting edge techniques, from minimally invasive, arthroscopic joint rehabilitation (miniature scope placed through pinpoint incision) to custom total TMJ replacement and CT-guided surgical planning.

Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery gives Alaskans with TMJ pain and dysfunction piece of mind knowing their condition doesn’t have to mean long, expensive trips to the lower 48 for optimum treatment.

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