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Any type of traumatic accident or injury is difficult, due to its very nature. At Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery, we understand that trauma to the face can be even more challenging to cope with. That is why we treat each and every patient with respect and compassion. We are here for you as not just a surgical team, but as a support system to help you or your loved one heal and get back to life as usual.

A facial trauma can not only be painful, but it can cause great distress psychologically. You have a support system here to help guide you through this trying time.

All three of our surgeons provide surgical care for facial trauma. The surgeons at Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery have trained in Level I trauma care facilities and are the best equipped to treat comprehensive head and facial trauma. No other practice in the state has the same level and experience in treating all types of injuries and ages of patients, from simple to complex facial trauma.

Jaw surgery is one of our areas of expertise.

We have performed the majority of cases in Alaska in recent years. We have pioneered many firsts in Alaska in the area of jaw surgery—an area historically of unmet need in which patients were flying out of state to have surgery. We were the first to use virtual surgical planning in Alaska, the first to utilize digital intra-oral scanning, and the first and only accredited surgery center for corrective jaw surgery in the State of Alaska.

We have made corrective jaw surgery predictable, affordable, efficient, and readily available.

This is exciting for the people of Alaska requiring this surgery, one that was not previously available to them, at both a high level and a reasonable price. We practice an up-to-date approach, and forego the following:

  • We won’t wire your jaws shut
  • You go home the same day of surgery
  • You are eating a normal diet six weeks after surgery

It is an easier experience than it has been historically. The surgeons of Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery collectively perform the most corrective jaw surgeries in the state of AK.

We offer the most experience and depth of knowledge and training of anyone in Alaska and rival large practices in the lower 48.

Dr. Nordstrom’s surgical training was performed entirely out of two different Level One trauma centers, including Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Oregon Health and Sciences University. He has comprehensive knowledge and skill in the treatment of traumatic injuries to the head and neck, and contemporary training in accepted advancements in the treatment of these cases. Dr. Nordstrom’s training at these centers involved treatment of nearly every traumatic condition from the above the collarbones to the forehead. He can provide comprehensive care of head and neck trauma both soft and hard tissue and maintains relationships with other subspecialists in this field if needed to provide up-to-date care. This past year he published a chapter for Wiley-Blackwell on the contemporary management of orbital trauma (trauma to the eye socket.) He utilizes new and rapidly advancing technologies, such as 3D reconstruction and Virtual Surgical Planning, to improve surgical outcomes for patients — and is one of the only surgeons with formal training in this area within the state of Alaska.

The facial surgeries we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Skeletal growth concerns
  • Tumors or cysts
  • Bone infections
  • Jaw joint concerns (TMJ)
  • Bite Concerns

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