1. I am thrilled to have Dr. Nordstrom and his team as my oral surgeon

    Dr. Nordstrom takes his time to connect with his patience and make certain that you are fully informed and at ease. I had two dental implants and am extremely pleased with the professionalism and attention to details given by Dr. Nordstrom and his team. The office staff is friendly and thorough and the team has worked closely and tirelessly keeping track of my insurance claims. I highly recommend Dr. Nordstrom if you are in need of an oral surgeon who is current in his profession, with a state of the art office while still receiving personal and compassionate care.

    Darrell V.
  2. Dr. Nordstrom has a great reputation in the dental community.

    My 16 year old daughter needed to have her wisdom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon as they were too complicated for a general dentist to perform without possible nerve damage to her jaw. Working for a general dentist myself I am aware of how difficult having surgical extractions can be and really wanted this to be a pleasant experience for my daughter.

    I did not hesitate to call Dr. Nordstrom as I was very familiar with his quality of work. Dr. Nordstrom has a great reputation in the dental community for his quality of work and his kind and patient demeanor.

    Dr. Nordstrom performed the extractions, after the procedure was completed my daughter had normal swelling with little discomfort. Dr. Nordstrom personally called that evening to see how she was doing and within 2 weeks she was back to playing sports. Overall a great experience!

    Kipany U.
  3. Dr. Nordstrom is hands down the BEST.

    He performed an extraction several months ago at his old offices. I was very nervous but his professionalism, competence and easy going manner made me very comfortable. I liked him so well that I waited for his new office to open for the next stage in my treatment. A few days ago, he performed the implant procedure. I was not nervous or anxious at all. His staff is great, and again, Dr. Nordstrom is absolutely the best oral surgeon you could ask for. I’d give him 10 stars if I could!

    Sanne B.
  4. Dr. Nordstrom and his staff were very friendly and helpful.

    Dr. Nordstrom put my worries of wisdom teeth extraction to rest by being honest and informative about the extraction. After my surgery, he even personally called to ensure I was doing well, which was quite amazing! I would definitely recommend Dr. Nordstrom’s office to anyone.

    Nadia R
  5. Dr. Nordstrom and his staff’s professionalism and kindness was phenomenal.

    I greatly appreciated the effort you all put into ensuring my surgery was successful in such a short time frame. Thank you so much for everything. I am forever grateful.

    Scarlett F.
  6. Dr. Nordstrom and the staff were superb at taking care of my procedure.

    I recently had the need of an Oral Surgeon. Dr. Nordstrom and the staff were superb at taking care of my procedure in a timely and comfortable manner. Dr. Nordstrom put me at ease with his caring chairside manner and it’s a plus that he has outstanding credentials. The staff all went above and beyond to be sure all aspects of my care went well. I would recommend Dr. Nordstrom and staff for anyone with oral surgery needs.

    Olivia M.
  7. Your gracious gift of care…

    I want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for donating your time and services in my time of need. The two little words of “thank you” can’t even begin to express my gratitude felt for your gracious gift of care

    Walter W.
  8. Dr. Nordstrom was very personable, putting me at ease.

    In my opinion Dr. Nordstrom is outstanding. He is understanding, professional, and highly skilled. A while ago, I had an acute need for an oral surgery procedure. Dr. Nordstrom was quick to help: he actually met me after hours and was very personable, putting me at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends, family or anyone for that matter!

    Bob K.
  9. I was humbled by the amount of attention I received.

    Thank you for your time and talent. I was humbled by the amount of attention I received. I am healing nicely.

    Jim C.
  10. You are one of the BEST!

    Just wanted to take the time with this note to thank you for the excellent removal of my extremely annoying tooth (#30)! I truly appreciate the time you gave me in explaining exactly what was going on with my tooth. Also, not only explaining the procedure, but conveying to me such care, empathy, and kindness the entire visit. You are one of the BEST! It was a joy meeting you.

    Jennifer R.