Darrell V.

Dental Implants

When Darrell V. had to have his upper molars extracted, his dentist referred him to Dr. Nordstrom for dental implants. “I knew the first time I met Dr. Nordstrom that he was the one I wanted to work with,” Darrell states. “I could tell at that first visit that he really connected with his patients and I felt so comfortable with him and the staff at Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery.”

Darrell had to endure several months without his upper right molars and eating was a challenge. “I learned very quickly to only chew on the left side of my mouth,” he remembers. “I had a significant space in my mouth where two of my molars used to be and I was very disheartened about it. It was a huge inconvenience.”

After meeting Dr. Nordstrom, Darrell decided to get the dental implants he recommended. While Darrell had good insurance coverage, there were some “bumps in the road” with billing. “My insurance company rejected a few of the charges, but the amazing front desk staff at Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery were tenacious and successful in getting everything paid for in the end. Dr. Nordstrom himself even wrote a letter to my insurance company explaining the procedure, why it was necessary, and why it should be covered. It’s that level of outstanding customer service that has me singing the praises of everyone on the team!” says Darrell.

Darrell found the procedure itself to be surprisingly painless. “My implants were done right there in the office. I was given IV sedation and felt very comfortable that I was in good hands before, during and after. When I woke up, I was given pain medication and went home. At no point did I experience any pain or discomfort. I took my medicine as prescribed, rested, and iced my cheek and all was well. The overall experience was very professional – my procedure was explained thoroughly to me, the surgery was easy, and the follow-up was excellent,” Darrell shares.

Even the little things, like a convenient location, nice parking lot, and a great view out of the exam room window mattered to Darrell. “I felt comfortable in the office and knew that they respected my confidentiality. The professional environment and high-tech equipment gave me confidence that the staff were totally qualified,” he says. “And I was right – I have no problems now and I feel like my mouth is back to normal. I am lucky to have picked the right oral surgeon and was very pleased with his courteous, friendly, and efficient staff.”

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