Missing a tooth? Find out how dental implants can help!

Your teeth are not just an aesthetic part of your mouth, they also serve a function. They aid in chewing and digesting food, in addition to the ability to form words. When your natural teeth are missing, not only does it make you self-conscious but you also lose functionality. If left untreated, missing teeth can cause a broad range of health concerns. Dental implants give you the capability for a healthier, better looking, and functional smile.

Dental implants are an option when saving your natural tooth is no longer viable, and are used as a standard practice for restoring health, functionality, and confidence back into your smile. At Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery, we are the leading dental implant oral surgeons that will help you create a mouth you can smile about. Learn more about the benefits of dental implants in today’s post.  

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are tooth replacements for candidates of all ages who are missing one or multiple teeth as a result of trauma, decay, or disease and are a practical option for those who cannot wear removable dentures. Below are the benefits of dental implants.

Improve your dental aesthetics.

As we mentioned above, missing a tooth can be embarrassing and cause you to become self-conscious when talking and eating around others. Dental implants address this issue immediately by preserving the bone surrounding the missing tooth, preventing future tooth deterioration, and filling in the area with a natural-looking tooth.

Dental implants give you immediate results.

Depending on what type and the severity of the tooth or teeth needing to be replaced, it typically takes one appointment to get your smile back and provide a better quality of life. You’ll have better teeth stability, improved chewing, and comfort. Keep in mind that every patient is different, but our oral surgeons will create a treatment plan with you and can better address the timeframe.

Dental implants are the closest option to natural teeth.

One of the leading advantages of dental implants is their ability to mimic natural teeth when it comes to chewing. Patients are able to chew without even knowing or feeling the difference! You can brush and floss normally as well.

Dental implants are a long-term option.

There are other options such as a dental bridge but they don’t offer the longevity that dental implants do. Dental bridges last about 10 years compared to dental implants that can last a lifetime. The dental implant is made of titanium and is introduced and secured in the jaw bone where it is biocompatible and integrates to the structure without concerns of rejection.

Dental implants keep you young!

If you have several missing teeth, over time, you can develop bone loss. And if they are on the lower half of your jaw, it can begin to collapse, closing the distance between your chin and the tip of your nose. This causes an excess of wrinkles and sagging skin around the mouth.

Dental implants are some of modern-dentistry’s best innovations as they not only restore function and aesthetics
but can keep you looking young!

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