James K.

Dental Implants

A toothache may seem like a simple condition that happens once in a while, but it is extremely frustrating when it happens. There are reasons why this pain exists and there are solutions to it – you just have to talk to the right people!

This was the case with James. James went to his general dentist, Dr. Silverman, to address the pain and found that a 20-year-old root canal and crown, installed by a previous dentist, were the problems. The tooth developed a fracture and the crown was shifting, causing tremendous pain! Dr. Silverman referred James to Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery because the procedures required are best performed by an Oral Surgeon.

Before visiting Dr. Nordstrom, James recalls, “I felt a lot of pain. I was frustrated… Does this have to happen!? Ugh!”

“After meeting with Dr. Nordstrom, I felt hopeful with an expectation of a resolution. When I first came to the Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery office, everyone in the office was very professional, relaxed, and comfortable and they enjoyed my quirky sense of humor! Everyone was good.”

The plan that James and Dr. Nordstrom built was to remove all of the old work, then get a new tooth implant that would require a bone graft – the whole process would take about a year, but would fix the problem and give James a strong tooth for the long haul. After the individual procedures, James recalls that he had minimal pain and everything was as he expected.

“On the financial side of the procedure, I would say their charges were in line with standard costs to have that kind of work done. I appreciated that I didn’t have to prepay to have a tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant all done within a one-year period. I was able to pay as I went along in the process,” James says.

James says he has had no problems with the new tooth since the procedures. He is happy to have a tooth in place. “Yay! I have a tooth there again! I have peace of mind and a full set of teeth.”

“If you have anxiety, you will be pleasantly surprised. The staff was very professional. They knew what they were doing and I had no anxiety about my procedures. With Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery, you’re in good hands and a good environment. It’s like going to a spa.”

“The day after the tooth extraction, Dr. Nordstrom personally called me to see how I was doing. I was extremely impressed that he took the time to call me, as opposed to someone else from his office,” shares James. “If I needed oral surgery again, I would go back with no hesitation. They do great work!”