Dental implants improve much more than what you think. Get to know how dental implants can impact you!

In part one, we covered what dental implants are and why they’re a great option for those missing one or more teeth. Not only are dental implants a flexible option and improve your overall dental health, but they do so much more! Let’s explore more on how they elevate your smile in today’s post!

At Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, dental implants are a part of our core procedures that improve the appearance and function of your smile. Learn more about it today!

Dental Implants Are Elevating Smiles And Lives!

If you’re looking for a dental option that improves your smile, crowns and dentures are a great avenue to explore. But, if you’re looking for an option that really elevates and changes your quality of life, dental implants are it!  

Dental implants give you your smile back!

Not only can implants replace a missing tooth, but they can also make your smile better than it was before! If you had crooked teeth or gaps in your teeth before losing them, dental implants can actually mitigate these cosmetic issues and give you more of a straight, streamlined smile. While braces are the best option to fix teeth alignment issues, dental implants can improve the look of your smile on a cosmetic level. 

One of the easiest ways to age yourself is to have missing teeth, so if you want to reclaim your youth, dental implants can do this! So, enhance your smile with natural-looking teeth, restore your confidence to smile, and invest in an anti-aging dental procedure with dental implants!

Dental implants give you your social life back!

When you’re missing teeth or have dentures, it can make socializing more difficult. Not only do you feel insecure to talk or smile, but eating can also be the underlying factor in the difference of you going out with friends and family or staying at home. 

Not only can eating be more painful when you’re missing teeth, but if you have dentures, you may be so worried about them falling out or slipping when you’re eating in public that this keeps you from enjoying the people and food you really love. 

Dental implants can give you a social life once again! You will be able to chew and enjoy all your favorite foods with the people that bring you joy — insecurity can be tossed out, finally!

Dental Implants Restore Your Voice

If you’ve been missing teeth for some time now, it has likely impacted the way you speak. Essentially, it has taken away your voice because you may feel ashamed of the way you sound if you have mumbled or slurred speech. 

Find clarity in your voice and begin speaking with boldness once again when you get dental implants. Now you can sing karaoke with the best and feel 100% confident giving a presentation at work knowing people will hear and understand you clearly. 

Dental implants will make you happier!

You invest a lot of energy in feeling insecure and ashamed of your looks when you’re missing teeth, and because you feel like you’re missing out on your social life or being unable to use your voice, this may cause feelings of anxiety, increased stress, and even depression. 

Missing teeth can get you down. You don’t feel like you — vibrant, outgoing, and ready to laugh over the silliest thing. Instead, you may feel stifled and unable to enjoy the days that are passing you by. 

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Enjoy life again and support your emotional wellness with dental implants! You can live free and uninhibited and watch your stress and anxiety melt away — one metal anchor at a time!

Dental implants allow you to spend more time on the things that matter! 

When you’re missing teeth, you probably worry more than most. You’re worrying about your appearance and you’re worrying about your overall dental health. You may have bone loss, you feel your teeth shifting, and you may see signs of early facial collapse — this is a lot to carry! 

Take that energy and use it for anything but having to worry about your missing teeth!  Stop worrying and elevate your smile (and life) when you get dental implants! 

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