One of the most common procedures performed at Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery is the extraction of teeth. You and your doctor may determine that you need a tooth extracted for a number of reasons, including severe tooth decay, advanced periodontal disease, and broken teeth that can’t be repaired. Some teeth, such as wisdom teeth (third molars) may require removal due to poor positioning in the mouth, preventing you from experiencing their benefit.

Your Dentist may refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for wisdom tooth evaluation in your early teenage years with the goal of preventing problems such dental crowding, pain, infection and cyst development before these issues start.

With an oral examination and imaging of the jaw bones, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and make recommendations for surgical removal, if indicated.

Your wisdom tooth surgery is performed under appropriate anesthesia to maximize your comfort. After your surgery, you will be provided all necessary post-operative care information and medications to help insure a quick and manageable recovery.

Our surgeons perform many other tooth procedures including:

  1. Extraction of Wisdom Teeth or other teeth
  2. Dental Implants – Areas of missing teeth both partial or complete, or replacement of hopeless teeth when surgical options are needed. Implants, bone grafting, or soft tissue grafting.
  3. Tumors or cysts associated with the teeth
  4. Impacted or Immobile Teeth–Orthodontic procedures where surgical adjuncts are required. (Unerupted canines or other teeth, growth modification with plate or pin anchorage required.)

Common Terms and Definitions

  • Alveolectomy: Removal of jaw bone, commonly in preparation for dentures
  • Alveoplasty with or without exodontia: Jawbone reshaping with or without removal of teeth
  • Apicoectomy or coronectomy without root canal therapy: Therapeutic removal of the crown of a tooth or it’s root tip
  • Cutaneous fistula treatment: Closure and/or repair of opening between skin and mouth
  • Excision of hyperplastic tissue: Removal of an overgrowth of “gum” tissue, most often to help accommodate denture use
  • Frenectomy/frenulectomy: “Tongue-tie” or “Lip-tie” release surgery
  • Jaw – repositioning of muscles or cheeks attached to the jaw: Lowering of the muscle or cheek fold attachments inside the mouth to help accommodate dentures
  • Missing teeth – Placement of dental implants for restoration by your dentist: Surgical placement of a dental screw in the jaw bone to take the place of missing teeth/tooth roots
  • Operations on gingiva and soft tissue grafting: Surgery to improve “gum” thickness and height
  • Oral- and Nasal-Antral fistula closure: Repair of an opening between mouth and sinus or nose and sinus
  • Teeth: Removal of erupted teeth – surgical or non-surgical
  • Teeth: Removal or exposure of impacted teeth
  • Teeth – Surgical placement of skeletal anchorage for orthodontic reasons: Screw(s) temporarily placed in the jaw bone to help move teeth
  • Tooth replantation, transplantation, and repositioning, and surgical splinting of loose or avulsed (knocked out) teeth: Surgical manipulation of tooth position to improve dental function and smile
  • Removal of maxillofacial tori and exostoses: Removal of prominent jaw bone underneath the “gums” and on the roof of the mouth
  • Tuberosity reduction and/or plasty: Surgery to decrease enlarged posterior aspect of upper “gums” – most commonly to aid in proper denture fit
  • Tumors: Surgical removal of tumors and cysts associated with teeth

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