Conditions of the Teeth

  1. Extraction of Wisdom Teeth or other teeth
  2. Dental Implants – Areas of missing teeth both partial or complete, or replacement of hopeless teeth when surgical options are needed. Implants, bone grafting, or soft tissue grafting
  3. Tumors or Cysts associated with the Teeth
  4. Impacted or Immobile Teeth–Orthodontic procedures where surgical adjuncts are required (Unerupted Canines or other teeth, Growth modification with plate or pin anchorage is required)

Conditions of the Jaws

  1. Skeletal growth problems ie: Jaw size discrepencies, Asymmetries, Too Small or Too large jaws (or chin)
  2. Corrective Jaw Surgery
  3. Obstructive Sleep Apnea — Jaw Surgery
  4. Tumors or Cysts
  5. Bone infections
  6. Trauma Surgery and Jaw reconstruction
  7. Jaw Joint pathology/TMJ problems
  8. Malocclusions or Bite Problems
  9. Cheek and/or chin implants or augmentation

Conditions of the Soft Tissues of the Head and Neck

  1. Lesions of the oral cavity, lips and face
  2. Obstructive Sleep Apnea issues within the nose and throat region
  3. Cleft lip and palate
  4. Frenectomy — “Tongue tie”
  5. Benign Tumors
  6. Lip/Cheek/Nose Reconstruction
  7. Scar Revisions

Trauma to the Head and Neck

  1. Fractures throughout the facial skeleton — both new or old, from the neck to the skull (Jaws, Nose, Orbits, Frontal Skull, Cheekbones,
  2. Poor or non-healing fractures
  3. Soft tissue injuries (lacerations, dog-bites, burns, abrasions etc.)
  4. Crush, tissue loss or penetrating injuries (Dogbites, Accidents, Gunshots, stabbing, punctures)
  5. Revisions of Trauma Surgery — Fractures, scars, nerve injuries