1. James’s Success Story

    James Overbite James had an overbite and was aware of it since he was in middle school. The condition was not bothersome for James, as he did not have trouble eating, just that he couldn’t smile like everybody else because his overbite was aggressive. James and his parents went to an orthodontist for help, but were told that the overbite was too much for braces to fix and that he needed oral sur…Read More

  2. Terin’s Success Story

    Terin Jaw Surgery “I was born with a cleft lip and palate,” begins Dr. Terin M., a jaw surgery patient of Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery. “I had multiple surgeries beginning as an infant through my early childhood. When I was 10 years old, my mother passed away and as a result, my medical care wasn’t as aggressively pursued as it would have been. I still had issues with my upper p…Read More

  3. JJ K.

    JJ K. Jaw Surgery JJ is no stranger to jaw problems. As a child, she began experiencing severe jaw pain that would often lead to migraine headaches. Other jaw problems developed throughout her teen years, including a clicking and catching sound when she was eating or talking. “The first time my jaw dislocated and got stuck, I was so scared and didn’t know what to do,” remembers JJ. “That w…Read More

  4. Darrell V.

    Darrell V. Dental Implants When Darrell V. had to have his upper molars extracted, his dentist referred him to Dr. Nordstrom for dental implants. “I knew the first time I met Dr. Nordstrom that he was the one I wanted to work with,” Darrell states. “I could tell at that first visit that he really connected with his patients and I felt so comfortable with him and the staff at Alaska Center fo…Read More

  5. Steve

    Steve H. Dental Implants “I’ve always had poor teeth. I grew up in a place without fluoridation in the water supply. I feel like I’ve spent my entire life in a dental chair! As an adult, my teeth would crack and then they would have to be extracted. Chewing food was difficult, as I only had one place in my mouth where my molars matched up. It finally got to the point where my remaining teeth…Read More

  6. Leah

    Leah Jaw Surgery “When my daughter Leah was eight years old, we realized something was truly wrong with her jaw. Our dentist said she just had a very small mouth and that she would be fine, but we always knew there was more to it. We tried dentists, orthodontists and other specialists, and felt like we were hitting a brick wall - it was like no one was listening to us. This is our beautiful baby…Read More

  7. Kate G.

    Kate G. Jaw Surgery “Kate had skeletal malformations such as mandibular hypoplasia and an open bite,” explains Vonda Kay, Kate’s mom. “She had orthodontic treatment since she was 11 years old, but by the time she was 15, all of the orthodontic options had been exhausted; therefore, she was referred for a possible surgical solution.” For Kate, being a teenage girl meant life as usual - fr…Read More