1. What Is a Sinus Lift?

    Have you been told you don’t have enough bone for a dental implant? A sinus lift may be your solution! Dental implants have revolutionized dental prosthetics as a permanent solution to missing teeth. However, successful dental implants need a sufficient amount of healthy bone to secure the post to, and not every patient has this as a result of major tooth decay, periodontal disease, or multiple …Read More

  2. Your Guide To TMJ And Facial Pain

    All the TMJ information in one place! If you’ve been experiencing facial pain from normal things that shouldn’t cause discomfort, you may be suffering from a form of TMJ. The trouble with jaw pain is that it can greatly impact quality of life, not only causing chronic pain but forsaking the ability to enjoy good food and even affecting speech.  There are solutions to TMJ and the Alaska Center…Read More

  3. What Does Oral Surgery Have To Do With Sleep?

    It has everything to do with obstructive sleep apnea! If you’re struggling to stay asleep at night and find yourself tired and fatigued with a lack of focus and concentration, it may have more to do with an obtrusive form of sleep apnea than drinking coffee too late in the day! Find answers to your sleep disruptions with the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial surgery. We specialize in successfully …Read More

  4. The 3 Most Common Facial and Dental Traumas

    Learn more about common facial and dental injuries and how oral surgery may benefit! Trauma to your teeth and surrounding facial structures can be very complex — not only are they physically painful but they can leave a lasting emotional effect as well. If dental and facial trauma does occur, it’s imperative to have the best oral surgery care from doctors who specialize in both dental and faci…Read More

  5. 4 Tips For Reducing Scarring After Oral And Facial Surgery

    It’s important to know the steps to take to prevent scarring after oral and facial surgeries. There are a variety of reasons why you may have scarring on your face, including facial trauma, surgery, or tumor removal — and while the oral surgeons at Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery are trained in innovative procedures that minimize scarring, recovery doesn’t end when you walk out the d…Read More