From jaw and cleft palate surgeries to TMJ and sleep apnea treatments, the oral surgeons at the Alaska Center For Oral + Oral Surgery are here to partner with you for all of your craniofacial surgery needs. 

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  1. Do You Suffer From Chronic Headaches? It Could Be TMJ

    Chronic headaches and migraines impact your quality of life and can be extremely difficult to manage. Explore how TMJ may be connected.  Chronic headaches can be life-altering — they impact our ability to perform basic functions in everyday life. From the inability to concentrate and focus at work to being unable to drive a car or run errands, they put a halt on life. One of the hardest parts o…Read More

  2. The Best Tips To Know Before Going Under General Anesthesia

    Learn more about how to prepare for general anesthesia for your oral surgery. Many oral surgeries require general anesthesia, and while general anesthesia is very common, if you’ve never experienced it before, it can be a bit scary. There may be a host of questions floating around your head such as, will I embarrass myself? or is it difficult to wake up after my surgery?    It’s important f…Read More

  3. Common Risk Factors For Oral Cancer

    It’s important to understand the risk factors for oral cancer for better early detection and prevention! An estimated 53,000 adults are diagnosed with oral cancer annually, with the rates for men being twice as high when compared to women. Not only can oral cancer cause facial abnormalities, but it impacts the quality of life in how a person can eat, swallow, and speak.  We’re often bombarded…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Socket Preservation

    A bone graft or socket preservation is vital in the dental implant process — learn how it impacts your dental health below.  If you’re scheduled for a dental implant procedure there are likely a variety of questions you have swirling around in your mind, and of course the nerves of coming in for this procedure.  We’ve written on dental implants in a couple of posts that you can explore and…Read More

  5. Are Dental Implants Still An Option With Receding Gums?

    It’s important to have a healthy mouth before embarking on the dental implant journey! Oral health is vital to our overall health and wellbeing, yet a resounding 47.2% of the US population suffers from mild, moderate, or severe gum disease — that’s over 64 million adults over the age of 30 dealing chronic inflammation in their mouths!  And, it’s all connected — if you’re dealing with …Read More

  6. What Is an Alveolectomy? (Part Two)

    Support your oral health and learn how an alveolectomy may improve how dental prosthetics function! In part one, we examined the role of the alveolar bone and process is — it essentially provides structure to your mouth and keeps your teeth in place. This is disrupted through severe periodontal disease and trauma to the mouth.  We’ll further dialogue and introduce the alveolectomy in today’…Read More

  7. What Is An Alveolectomy? (Part One)

    The bones and tissue play a vital role in our oral health and the alveolar bone is a part of our jaw that holds the teeth! When it comes to our mouth anatomy, many people know out teeth and even the maxilla (upper jawbone) and mandible (lower jawbone), but the alveolar bone has people flipping through anatomy books searching for this structure! At the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, we ar…Read More

  8. Cleft Palates: Everything You Need to Know (Part one)

    Cleft palates are one of the most common facial birth abnormalities and can be corrected with the assistance of a skillful oral surgeon. Having a cleft palate at birth can cause health issues from the very beginning — from nursing and dental development to later concerns with speech patterns and hearing. A little one may also experience frequent colds, fluid in the ears, sore throats, and compli…Read More

  9. Cleft Palates: Everything You Need to Know (Part Two)

    Cleft palates can dramatically impact a person’s quality of life — how they eat, drink, and speak. Find solutions with the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery. In part one, we addressed what a cleft palate is and introduced the different structures that affect a cleft palate. Further examine the structures and classifications of cleft palate and learn about the surgery in today’s post.…Read More

  10. The Different Types of Jaw Surgery

    In our last post, we covered a basic introduction to what corrective jaw surgery is and those who might benefit from it. In today’s post, we’ll go more in depth about jaw surgery with the different types that are available. If you struggle with a misaligned jaw, it can make everyday tasks such as eating and speaking quite difficult. Improve your quality of life and work with us at the Alaska C…Read More