1. What Is an Alveolectomy? (Part Two)

    Support your oral health and learn how an alveolectomy may improve how dental prosthetics function! In part one, we examined the role of the alveolar bone and process is — it essentially provides structure to your mouth and keeps your teeth in place. This is disrupted through severe periodontal disease and trauma to the mouth.  We’ll further dialogue and introduce the alveolectomy in today’…Read More

  2. What Is An Alveolectomy? (Part One)

    The bones and tissue play a vital role in our oral health and the alveolar bone is a part of our jaw that holds the teeth! When it comes to our mouth anatomy, many people know out teeth and even the maxilla (upper jawbone) and mandible (lower jawbone), but the alveolar bone has people flipping through anatomy books searching for this structure! At the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, we ar…Read More

  3. Elevate Your Smile (And Life) With Dental Implants (Part Two)

    Dental implants improve much more than what you think. Get to know how dental implants can impact you! In part one, we covered what dental implants are and why they’re a great option for those missing one or more teeth. Not only are dental implants a flexible option and improve your overall dental health, but they do so much more! Let’s explore more on how they elevate your smile in today’s …Read More

  4. Elevate Your Smile (And Life) With Dental Implants (Part One)

    Meet the preferred method for restoring function and aesthetics to your smile! If you’re missing teeth, it can be a huge blow to your self-confidence. Instead of laughing and smiling at the joys life brings, you may spend more time trying to hide and cover your missing teeth out of embarrassment rather than truly living in the moment.  At Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, we’re here to…Read More

  5. Terin’s Success Story

    Terin Jaw Surgery “I was born with a cleft lip and palate,” begins Dr. Terin M., a jaw surgery patient of Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery. “I had multiple surgeries beginning as an infant through my early childhood. When I was 10 years old, my mother passed away and as a result, my medical care wasn’t as aggressively pursued as it would have been. I still had issues with my upper p…Read More

  6. 9 Signs You May Need Corrective Jaw Surgery (Part Two)

    Jaw pain and discomfort disrupt your life — learn more about corrective surgery.  In part one, we explored some of the signs that corrective surgery may be needed and in part two, we’ll investigate a few more while also looking at what causes jaw abnormalities and how to better determine if you’re a candidate.  At the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery (AOFS), We provide a myriad of o…Read More

  7. 9 Signs You May Need Corrective Jaw Surgery (Part One)

    Learn how corrective jaw surgery can improve your quality of life! When our jaw is functioning normally we may not notice how vital it is to our daily life, but when there are issues, it can dramatically disrupt our quality of life.  At the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery (AOFS), our world-renowned oral surgeons perform life-changing corrective jaw surgeries to correct functional jaw conc…Read More

  8. JJ K.

    JJ K. Jaw Surgery JJ is no stranger to jaw problems. As a child, she began experiencing severe jaw pain that would often lead to migraine headaches. Other jaw problems developed throughout her teen years, including a clicking and catching sound when she was eating or talking. “The first time my jaw dislocated and got stuck, I was so scared and didn’t know what to do,” remembers JJ. “That w…Read More

  9. Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare Tips (Part Two)

    Aftercare tips to make your wisdom teeth removal experience a pleasant one! In part one, we examined why aftercare is crucial, and common things that can occur post-surgery. In this article, we cover more topics on what you may experience after wisdom teeth removal. At the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, wisdom teeth removal is a staple of our oral surgery practice. Read on for more perti…Read More

  10. Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare Tips (Part One)

    The time after wisdom teeth removal is just as vital as the surgery itself. No wisdom is lost when your third molars are removed, and your oral health may even improve as a result! Wisdom teeth removal is a common surgical procedure with very few complications. Following a smart aftercare regimen will help speed recovery and prevent any potential issues. Many choose the Alaska Center For Oral + Fa…Read More