1. What Is Bone Resorption?

    Understanding born resorption in our dental health is important because it provides a better picture of why we need our teeth or prosthetics. In oral health, it is always the standard to preserve the natural tooth if we can, but if we can’t, tooth extraction and dental prosthetics — dentures and dental implants — are the best practice. And while people often think that getting dental prosthe…Read More

  2. Larry D.

    Larry D. Jaw Surgery “I really had been seriously exploring jaw surgery for pretty close to 10 years. I think I decided in the first five minutes when I met Dr. Nordstrom that I was going to do the surgery with him. He made it feel a lot easier than it had felt with other physicians that I have met with,” begins Dr. Larry D., an Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery patient. Larry had a sign…Read More

  3. The Best Tips To Know Before Going Under General Anesthesia

    Learn more about how to prepare for general anesthesia for your oral surgery. Many oral surgeries require general anesthesia, and while general anesthesia is very common, if you’ve never experienced it before, it can be a bit scary. There may be a host of questions floating around your head such as, will I embarrass myself? or is it difficult to wake up after my surgery?    It’s important f…Read More

  4. Common Risk Factors For Oral Cancer

    It’s important to understand the risk factors for oral cancer for better early detection and prevention! An estimated 53,000 adults are diagnosed with oral cancer annually, with the rates for men being twice as high when compared to women. Not only can oral cancer cause facial abnormalities, but it impacts the quality of life in how a person can eat, swallow, and speak.  We’re often bombarded…Read More

  5. The Importance Of Socket Preservation

    A bone graft or socket preservation is vital in the dental implant process — learn how it impacts your dental health below.  If you’re scheduled for a dental implant procedure there are likely a variety of questions you have swirling around in your mind, and of course the nerves of coming in for this procedure.  We’ve written on dental implants in a couple of posts that you can explore and…Read More

  6. 4 Tips For Reducing Scarring After Oral And Facial Surgery

    It’s important to know the steps to take to prevent scarring after oral and facial surgeries. There are a variety of reasons why you may have scarring on your face, including facial trauma, surgery, or tumor removal — and while the oral surgeons at Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery are trained in innovative procedures that minimize scarring, recovery doesn’t end when you walk out the d…Read More

  7. How To Prepare For Anesthesia Before Oral Surgery

    We all want to heal quickly after oral surgery so it’s important to prepare beforehand for an optimal outcome! While most oral surgeries are outpatient procedures, it’s still important to take measures to ensure a healthy recovery in which you can heal quickly with less downtime.  No matter the type of surgery you’re undergoing, it’s important that it be approached in the same way and tha…Read More

  8. 4 Common Oral Surgery Anesthesias

    Anesthesia is a part of most, if not all, oral surgery procedures. Learn more about the different types you’ll find in an oral surgery clinic. From simple oral surgery procedures such as wisdom teeth removal and teeth extractions to more complicated procedures like bone grafting and cleft palate surgery, anesthesia is used. Not only does it bring comfort and relaxation to the patient, but dulls …Read More

  9. Are Dental Implants Still An Option With Receding Gums?

    It’s important to have a healthy mouth before embarking on the dental implant journey! Oral health is vital to our overall health and wellbeing, yet a resounding 47.2% of the US population suffers from mild, moderate, or severe gum disease — that’s over 64 million adults over the age of 30 dealing chronic inflammation in their mouths!  And, it’s all connected — if you’re dealing with …Read More

  10. James C.

    James C. Jaw Surgery James had an overbite and was aware of it since he was in middle school. The condition was not bothersome for James, as he did not have trouble eating, just that he couldn’t smile like everybody else because his overbite was aggressive. James and his parents went to an orthodontist for help, but were told that the overbite was too much for braces to fix and that he needed or…Read More