Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery At AOFS

At AOFS, we utilize the newest and most advanced technology available for exemplary patient evaluation and treatment. We utilize a CT scanner in our office that provides excellent three-dimensional analysis for treatment planning for dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, obstructive sleep apnea surgery, and pathology or trauma treatment.

This technology also allows us to provide high-grade imaging at a fraction of the cost and radiation dose that would previously have to be done in a hospital or imaging center.

When appropriate, we will also utilize our imaging system to virtually plan implant surgery, corrective jaw surgery, and correction of facial deformities.

This results in more accurate surgery and shorter operation times, resulting in improved surgical outcomes and post-operative course.

Dr. Nordstrom’s surgical training at Legacy Emanuel Hospital was one of the three original development sites at the time for virtual surgical planning. Shortly after this development, it spread nationally and is now widely accepted. In addition to this, Dr. Nordstrom has trained and continues to operate with one of the developers of one of the most advanced protocols for surgical planning. All of this has resulted in Dr. Nordstrom having early and extensive training in the area of virtual surgical planning for the correction of facial deformities and improving the lives of his patients.

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