Find Relief From Sleep Apnea At AOFS!

You may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) without ever hearing of maxillomandibular advancement surgery, and it might be the ideal treatment for your OSA. Many patients think that dentists only make splints for you if you have sleep apnea — but if you have moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, splint therapy may not be the best form of treatment. Likewise, most patients have a notoriously hard time being compliant with CPAP machines — resulting in inappropriate treatment of a very serious condition. At Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, we provide a surgical option, that many people didn’t even know existed! This treatment alone could alleviate the need for the CPAP machine altogether! Dr. Nordstrom can utilize technology in his office to evaluate your airway for a possible obstruction, and if surgery is an appropriate treatment for you. Dr. Nordstrom will work with your primary care doctor or sleep medicine doctor to get the best attainable and realistic treatment for your OSA. While not everyone is a candidate for surgery, many are and would benefit greatly from surgery. Successful surgical treatment of OSA is one of the most rewarding surgeries Dr. Nordstrom can provide for a patient and family — and encourages you to discuss your treatment options, for what is an often overlooked and very serious medical condition.


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