Find Life-Changing Facial Surgery At AOFS

Dr. Nordstrom’s surgical training was performed entirely out of two different Level One trauma centers, including Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Oregon Health and Sciences University. He has comprehensive knowledge and skill in the treatment of traumatic injuries to the head and neck, and contemporary training in accepted advancements in the treatment of these cases. Dr. Nordstrom’s training at these centers involved treatment of nearly every traumatic condition from the above the collarbones to the forehead. He can provide comprehensive care of head and neck trauma both soft and hard tissue and maintains relationships with other subspecialists in this field if needed to provide up-to-date care. This past year he published a chapter for Wiley-Blackwell on the contemporary management of orbital trauma (trauma to the eye socket.) He utilizes new and rapidly advancing technologies, such as 3D reconstruction and Virtual Surgical Planning, to improve surgical outcomes for patients — and is one of the only surgeons with formal training in this area within the state of Alaska.


The facial surgeries we offer include but are not limited to:


  • Skeletal growth concerns
  • Tumors or cysts
  • Bone infections
  • Jaw joint concerns (TMJ)
  • Bite Concerns


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