Smile Wider and Brighter With Dental Implants From AOFS


Dental implants may be small but they are not simple, and there are dental implants that can be uncomplicated just as often as they’re complicated. To adequately perform dental implants at a high level — an oral surgeon must understand and be able to provide a skilled treatment for dental implants at all stages. Planning starts from before tooth extractions occur until there are implants ready to be fitted for the final crown. Dr. Nordstrom is very thorough in treatment planning and discussing plans with patients, and can provide the highest standard of dental implant treatment available. Dr. Nordstrom also has contemporary training in the All on 4 implant treatment procedure, allowing you to have this performed to the national standard at a competitive cost — without patients having to travel to the lower 48. By having Dr. Nordstrom involved in your implant treatment — you get a highly skilled surgeon to perform the implant surgery, and your dentist to perform the crown restoration. This also ensures that at least two doctors will be able to evaluate and participate in your care — and each is performing the service for which they are specifically trained.


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