1. The Importance Of Socket Preservation

    A bone graft or socket preservation is vital in the dental implant process — learn how it impacts your dental health below.  If you’re scheduled for a dental implant procedure there are likely a variety of questions you have swirling around in your mind, and of course the nerves of coming in for this procedure.  We’ve written on dental implants in a couple of posts that you can explore and…Read More

  2. 4 Tips For Reducing Scarring After Oral And Facial Surgery

    It’s important to know the steps to take to prevent scarring after oral and facial surgeries. There are a variety of reasons why you may have scarring on your face, including facial trauma, surgery, or tumor removal — and while the oral surgeons at Alaska Center for Oral + Facial Surgery are trained in innovative procedures that minimize scarring, recovery doesn’t end when you walk out the d…Read More

  3. How To Prepare For Anesthesia Before Oral Surgery

    We all want to heal quickly after oral surgery so it’s important to prepare beforehand for an optimal outcome! While most oral surgeries are outpatient procedures, it’s still important to take measures to ensure a healthy recovery in which you can heal quickly with less downtime.  No matter the type of surgery you’re undergoing, it’s important that it be approached in the same way and tha…Read More

  4. 4 Common Oral Surgery Anesthesias

    Anesthesia is a part of most, if not all, oral surgery procedures. Learn more about the different types you’ll find in an oral surgery clinic. From simple oral surgery procedures such as wisdom teeth removal and teeth extractions to more complicated procedures like bone grafting and cleft palate surgery, anesthesia is used. Not only does it bring comfort and relaxation to the patient, but dulls …Read More

  5. Are Dental Implants Still An Option With Receding Gums?

    It’s important to have a healthy mouth before embarking on the dental implant journey! Oral health is vital to our overall health and wellbeing, yet a resounding 47.2% of the US population suffers from mild, moderate, or severe gum disease — that’s over 64 million adults over the age of 30 dealing chronic inflammation in their mouths!  And, it’s all connected — if you’re dealing with …Read More

  6. James’s Success Story

    James Overbite James had an overbite and was aware of it since he was in middle school. The condition was not bothersome for James, as he did not have trouble eating, just that he couldn’t smile like everybody else because his overbite was aggressive. James and his parents went to an orthodontist for help, but were told that the overbite was too much for braces to fix and that he needed oral sur…Read More

  7. What Is an Alveolectomy? (Part Two)

    Support your oral health and learn how an alveolectomy may improve how dental prosthetics function! In part one, we examined the role of the alveolar bone and process is — it essentially provides structure to your mouth and keeps your teeth in place. This is disrupted through severe periodontal disease and trauma to the mouth.  We’ll further dialogue and introduce the alveolectomy in today’…Read More

  8. What Is An Alveolectomy? (Part One)

    The bones and tissue play a vital role in our oral health and the alveolar bone is a part of our jaw that holds the teeth! When it comes to our mouth anatomy, many people know out teeth and even the maxilla (upper jawbone) and mandible (lower jawbone), but the alveolar bone has people flipping through anatomy books searching for this structure! At the Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, we ar…Read More

  9. Elevate Your Smile (And Life) With Dental Implants (Part Two)

    Dental implants improve much more than what you think. Get to know how dental implants can impact you! In part one, we covered what dental implants are and why they’re a great option for those missing one or more teeth. Not only are dental implants a flexible option and improve your overall dental health, but they do so much more! Let’s explore more on how they elevate your smile in today’s …Read More

  10. Elevate Your Smile (And Life) With Dental Implants (Part One)

    Meet the preferred method for restoring function and aesthetics to your smile! If you’re missing teeth, it can be a huge blow to your self-confidence. Instead of laughing and smiling at the joys life brings, you may spend more time trying to hide and cover your missing teeth out of embarrassment rather than truly living in the moment.  At Alaska Center For Oral + Facial Surgery, we’re here to…Read More