After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Immediately after wisdom tooth removal:

  • Go home and rest in a semi-reclined position.
    Bite on gauze for 1-2hrs afterward or until bleeding has mostly stopped, expect blood-tinged saliva for multiple days.
  • Avoid foods that are: Crunchy or hard, Spicy, Hot, Sour, or require chewing. (Think yogurt, milkshakes, broth).
  • Avoid straws/sucking, avoid vigorous swishing and carbonated drinks.
  • Do not move around a lot immediately after surgery—this makes you more likely to become ill feeling. Drink or eat something as soon as tolerable, and before taking prescription pain medications.

You will likely require prescription pain medication for 2-3 days and over-the-counter pain medication following that for up to a week. You should be able to perform light activities within the 2-3 days following surgery, days 4-7 should be moderate activity, and after a week you should likely be able to resume pre-surgical activity levels.

When to Call (Immediately call AOFS if you have any of the following):

  • Fever >101.5F
  • Uncontrollable pain
  • Excessive bleeding (Liver-like clots forming in the mouth)
  • Difficulty breathing/speaking or any changes in patients breathing or airway
  • Any worsening symptoms such as swelling/pain/bleeding
  • Or for any condition that concerns you and seems unanswered

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