About Our Clinic

We believe that you will find the clinical facilities at the Alaska Center for Oral and Facial Surgery to be the highest quality available. The clinic itself is new and modern, utilizing the newest available technology and innovations in an attempt to deliver the most up-to-date care available. The surgical suites are modeled directly after a hospital type Operating Room, with strict adherence to infection control protocols.

This allows patients the ability to have surgery employing the same standards of care employed at the hospital, with the convenience and cost-savings of an outpatient clinic.

Technology at Alaska Center for Oral and Facial Surgery

AOFS utilizes the most advanced imaging available in an clinic setting available. The on site CT scanner allows AOFS advanced diagnostics, at a significantly lower cost and radiation dose than that found at the hospital. In addition to this, scans can usually be approved, taken and evaluated in 1 visit. The Cone Beam CT scanner employed at AOFS allows for precise dental implant planning and computer-guided surgery as well as virtual rendering and planning of corrective jaw surgery, trauma surgery or facial reconstruction. Until recently this type of planning was only available with hospital grade imaging; but advances in technology such as that used at AOFS, have allowed physicians to utilize this technology without a hospital visit.